Artist of the Month: Stolichnaya Duque

With her unique art style, Stolichnaya Duque, 9, expresses her interest in anime through her art. “Personally I want to learn more art and techniques,” Duque said. “I want to open up the art world and unleash my creativity.”

Lily Nguyen, Comic Artist

Fresh out of middle school and starting her high school journey, freshman Stolichnaya “Sam” Duque uses a classic pencil and eraser to create art. Duque specializes in drawing anime fanart and her own original characters.


Duque started in a humble beginning, and was originally inspired by her friend.


“My friend back in 3rd grade used to draw anime; I got into anime because of her. I asked her if she could teach me how to draw anime,” Duque stated, “As the years went by, I started to teach myself.”


Now, she is inspired by various medias such other artists and anime. She taught herself through various sources on the internet, including websites like YouTube. Duque gives out advice anyone can follow when asked about how to grow as an artist.


“Draw everyday. I regret not drawing everyday more,” Sam said, “Before doing any stylized drawings, draw more realistic drawings and learn the rules.”


Duque likes to balance the fundamentals of art with her ideas.


“You need technique so you know what you’re doing,” Duque said. “Draw what you have in mind. Get it out of your mind. Unleash your creativity.”


Duque has passion for art, but her true love lies in the medical field.


“I want to be a doctor,” Sam said. “I got inspired by my grandma, who is a nurse, to be a doctor.”


To her, art is a hobby. Right now, Sam is working simply on improving her skills and knowledge as an artist through art classes on campus and on her own time. Sam Duque has a bright future ahead of her, whether it be in the art field or the medical field.