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Artist of the Month: Stolichnaya Duque

With her unique art style, Stolichnaya Duque, 9, expresses her interest in anime through her art. “Personally I want to learn more art and techniques,” Duque said. “I want to open up the art world and unleash my creativity.”
September 20, 2017

Fresh out of middle school and starting her high school journey, freshman Stolichnaya “Sam” Duque uses a classic pencil and eraser to create art. Duque specializes in drawing anime fanart and her own...

Away to another world

December 2, 2009

Seniors Andrea Benavidez and Ariana Cervantes have been making their own comic book since their 10th grade year. What started out as scribbles on a piece of paper turned into “another world.” Within...

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