Away to another world

Mercy Watkins

Seniors Andrea Benavidez and Ariana Cervantes have been making their own comic book since their 10th grade year. What started out as scribbles on a piece of paper turned into “another world.”

Within a year their comic book evolved from a note passed during class turned into a book, where characters from a video game and an anime combined to make “another world.” The comic book includes characters from Fire Emblem, a video game released in 2003, Saiyuki an anime released in 1960, and Yu Yu Hakusho and anime introduced in 1994.  The story line is about a battle into an upcoming tournament from which the characters are faced with many battles to get their friends back from their kidnappers and to keep their dark god from awakening.

“We started off the book from a few characters hanging-out to going into a tournament” Benavidez said.

The comic book is a story set for Fire Emblem since the story’s plot for it did not end.

“I hope to be a professional anime designer,” Cervantes said. Cervantes who had studying anime drawings since she was twelve.

The comic book provides her with something to do with her free time. It also gives time for her to practice different drawing techniques for her future career.

“The sketchbook keeps me from being bored when I have nothing to do,” Benavidez said. Benavidez does not seek a career in comic artwork but it does present her with a way to spend free time.

Currently Cervantes and Benavidez are halfway done with the sketchbook they are using. Cervantes and Benavidez hope to finish the sketchbook by the end of their senior year.