The Illusion of Love

Anabelle Rositas, Writer/Photographer

In anticipation of her upcoming album, Lady Gaga, released her new song “Perfect Illusion.” It gained attention because this song was different from her normal music; it had more of a rock and roll feel to it rather than her normal pop or techno music. Gaga originally wrote the song about people in her life that have come and gone over the years. This I felt very connected to from the moment I first heard the song. “I’m over the show, yeah at least now I know it wasn’t love.” These lyrics stood out to me because it gives me a feeling of clarity. Gaga is saying that she is ready to move on from the “perfect illusion” that love can be and now she is thankful to know the truth. Soon after it was released, the song was used for the first trailer for American Horror Story season 6 premiere. Gaga’s song is a catchy melody that is definitely great to sing along to. Anyone looking for new music should definitely check the song out and the upcoming album. The full album Joanne is said to be released Oct. 21, 2016.