Crumbl Cookies

Ashley Hernandez, Photographer

A local sweet shop, Crumbl Cookies, in the Downey Promenade has recently opened up in our community. The two cousins Jason McGowan and Sawyer Hemsly co-founded the business. These two experimented with many different recipes until they finally came up with the world’s best chocolate chip cookie. Crumbl Cookies has a very interesting way of maintaining its customers’ content. As the number of stores increased around the world so did their variety of cookie flavors, nearly 200 and counting. Although, Crumbl is unable to fit all of these flavors into its menu. Therefore, the shop has constant changes in its menu every week to mix up the choices. The only cookie they keep consistent is the delicious chocolate chip cookie which made an impact on their business. After the great invention, in 2017, Crumbl Cookies opened its first shop in Logan, Utah. As mentioned in their history, the family believed it was a key point that Crumbl customers watched the steps through the creation of the cookie. As you walk into a shop, including Downey, you’re able to see the bakers in action and could watch the process of the cookies being mixed, balled, baked, and decorated right in front of you.

 An employee at Crumbl Cookies at the Downey Promenade, Shaylanda Kelly, has been working for almost a month now since the grand opening of Crumbl Cookies. Kelly recommends others to apply if they’re interested in the sweet type of environment. In the short amount of time she’s been working, she has learned great tips and tricks with baking such as cracking eggs and making sure the shell doesn’t fall into your mix and different ways of piping frosting. The rest crew greets their customers with “Welcome to Crumbl!” as soon as they walk into the shop. Although the room is quite small, their workspace is very organized and clean, as well as each person has their assigned job. “…it is a very fun place to work when you’re with the right people, of course,” Kelly stated. Everyone works hard together and has a great time doing what they love. The city of Downey is very happy to have a Crumbl Cookies in town.