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Kathy Ochoa
Only a sophomore in high school, and a writer for The Downey Legend newspaper, Kathy Ochoa has already planned out her future goals in becoming a fashion editor, and thinks that her experience as a writer will bring her one step closer to achieving this goal of hers. “When I read magazines, I dream of the day that I will get to see my name appear next to an article,” Ochoa said. She loves writing, no matter what topic, but her favorite subject to express herself about are vintage things in general.

Her staff goal as a writer is to cover amazing stories about what goes on in the community and at Downey High. Aside from her passion for writing, the future fashion editor enjoys playing tennis in her spare time, and is currently on the Downey varsity tennis team. She was shocked, but very excited to have made varsity as a sophomore. Ochoa’s cousin introduced her to tennis and taught her how to play. She has been playing for four years now and has loved tennis ever since. Ochoa always works hard to achieve her goals, and always finds a way to accomplish them, no matter what is in her way.


Kathy Ochoa, Writer

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Kathy Ochoa