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In efforts to support Downey High’s Baseball team, Downey Baseball Boosters Club hosted the carnival, held in the south parking lot of Downey High School, from March 16- March 18. Due to the unpleasant weather on March 17, the carnival was closed for that day.

Kathy Ochoa, Writer

Downey High Baseball Boosters sponsored a carnival on March 16 through 18,in the south parking lot of the school, in order to raise money for the team. Pre sale tickets were available at snack and lunch at a cheaper price, in honor of the first carnival. The cold weather sure did not stop residents from coming and having fun throughout the weekend. Unfortunately, the fair was canceled on Saturday due to the rain. The carnival included games, rides, food, contest and, entertainment music. With rides for all ages, everyone was sure to have an enjoyable time. The fair also included a verity of rides, a ferris wheel, Super Slide and Pharaoh Fury, along with many others.

“My favorite ride had to be the zipper,” sophomore Stephanie Vega said, “ I thought it was the best ride there.”

The Zipper attracted many students including middle and high school because of its  fast speed.

Crowds of people arrived at the carnival ready to enjoy their weekend with different expectations.

“I wanted to come to the carnival because I get to hangout with my friends,” sophomore Sarah Espinoza said.

Whatever the reason was, residents also had the opportunity to taste different food from food trucks. Cotton candy, hotdogs, fries, funnel cakes, popcorn and more were served all weekend. Popular music was also played throughout the carnival. With dark skies came lights from the rides filling the atmosphere with a brighter look.

“I thought the ferris wheel looked really nice at night,” resident Jorge Red said, “ Its nice to see the community come together and see everyone having fun.”

Mr. Houts has plans for a future carnival by teaming up with Warren for a larger fair.  With the night soon ending, students and residents left saying positive comments about their day at the carnival.