New season, new fashion


From floral to bright colors, Forever 21 has all the highly anticipated new trends for Spring, on Feb. 26 at the Cerritos Mall. “This spring I’m looking forward to wearing shorts and bright color tanks,” freshman Sinai Ochoa said.

Kathy Ochoa, Writer

With the winter coming to an end, people can’t help but look forward to the upcoming trends of the spring season. The dull dark colors that come along with winter are replaced with bright sunny shades. On February 9th fashion week in New York City takes its course once again, letting people know the new must haves of the season. Floral print, earthy tones, batik fabric, and triangles patterns are making it big this season and can add to any outfit. Light pink, true blue, vintage orange, and neon yellow just scream spring.


“Spring fashion I think is all about bright neon colors and lots of dresses,” freshman Stephanie Garcia said.


With the weather in California on the edge, every ones ideal weather makes spring just that much more perfect. There are rainy days for those who like to dress warm and also the bright sunny ones for just a light cardigan.


“I like the spring because I get to change my jeans to cargo shorts,” sophomore Elias Flores said.


Some old trends are still staying however. The varsity jacket has been in for a while back and is still a great piece to incorporate, along with vintage 60s and 70s fashion. Shoes like Toms will also be making a comeback. Old styles have been revamped and are mixed in with new designs as well. For girls, nail art is big in spring, due to all the colors and patterns.


“Painting my nails is always a must,” sophomore Cynthia Vega said. “I always paint them everyday before school. If it doesn’t match I have to redo them.”


Crochet and sheers tops give any outfit a unique boohoo feel to them. With new and old trends coming out, there are always trends people look forward to wearing in the spring.


“This spring I’m looking forward to wearing shorts and bright color tanks,” freshman Sinai Ochoa said.

Teens dress to show what makes them different and to express their individualism, so make spring just another season to standout. With trends always coming out who knows what the next big thing will be.