Girls tennis serves up a season


As the Lady Vikes played their first game of the season away against the Warren Bears, Sophia Loumoitis, 12, and Marina Sourial, 11, made sure to win their match 7-5. The bears might have been difficult to beat, but Loumoitis and Sourial pulled through and did not disappoint the team.

Kathy Ochoa, Writer

The varsity girls tennis team began their season on a bad note as they lost against the Warren Bears on Friday, Sept. 23, with a final score of 4-14. Pre-season was pretty tough for the girls, but they kept their heads up, considering almost half of the JV team from last year moved to varsity.

“This was our first season game and we were all pretty nervous because we haven’t had much experience like the other girls considering we are all new,” doubles player Michelle Morales said.

Doubles started out the game pumped with scores of 6-3, 3-6, and 1-6, but despite their loses Coach Diego was there supporting them. Caroline Tran and Alejandra Roque lead the girls as team captains. The first couple games, for the singles players Amy Lee, Dimitra Loumiotis and Anne Chow ended with scores 1-6, 0-6, and 1-6.

“Even though we lost I had a lot of fun playing,” singles player Dimitra Loumiotis said.
The girls had practiced everyday of the week before heading into their first season game. They all saw the game as a small bump towards a road of triumph.

“The girls tried their best throughout out the whole game, which is what really mattered,” Coach Diego said.

Now, the players know what being on varsity is all about. The tennis girls learned new ways to approach their opponents. Although the Lady Vikes were no match for the bears, they still put up a strong fight. They continue their league with an away game against Lynwood on Oct. 14.