PTA: April 2012


During the PTA meeting in the theatre, Botany teacher Mr. Greg Pittenger receives an award for his passion and success in teaching. “This is the hardest job I have ever had,” Pittenger said, “but your kids make it all worth the while.

Kathy Ochoa, Writer

PTA met in the B-building theatre, on Monday, Apr. 23, at 6 p.m., to discuss upcoming school events. They started with the Pledge of Allegiance, and Principal Tom Houts explained how he has been busy due to sports and that it may be the first year that football, baseball, and basketball win league in the same school year. Also, Houts explained that Open House, the Future Freshman Assembly, and Family Fun Night would be all held on May 10 to make the night more interactive. On the same day, an art show will be hosted in the gym.

ASB, along with Mr.Weisenburger, then went over all past and upcoming school events including Prom, Sadies, Battle of the Bands, and Open House. Mr.Manzanares joined PTA that night to show a short video and talk about Relay For Life. He explained to parents what Relay for Life was all about and how it has affected many people’s lives.

“I ran 50 miles for Relay For Life,” Manzanares said. “I say it to spread the news that you can make a difference.”

The video presented cancer survivors and how to help get the word out to help.

Following Manzanaes, PTA honored Dr.Mary Stauffer by coming to the decision of sponsoring her with a plack worth $200 that will be hung in city hall, for helping Downey High programs. Reflections contest winners were also announced and were given certificates in each one’s honor. They included Christina Gibbs in literature who won second place and earned a forty-five dollar gift card. Concluding the meeting new elections were announced for PTA.