Sign up! Join the rush!


Many students signed up for Key Club, including Yesebel Nicole Manansala, 11, and Christina Gibbs, 11, during Club Rush on Sept.22 in order to promote community service. Key Club is one of the most popular clubs at school; their first meeting was already a success as they had many students in attendance.

Kathy Ochoa, Writer

During both lunches, clubs held a meet-and-greet for those students who are eager to participate in Club Rush on September 22 to 23. Humanities Club, Art Club, Key Club, and Eco Club joined with many others to recruit new members. Students gathered around tables curious to see what each of the different clubs had to offer.

Joining for the first time were the Glamour Girls. This group is a community service club that helps sick girls in need. More than 45 students applied for the Gal Girls.

“We help boost their sprits and treat them just like family,” senior Regine Bell said.

Camona, in addition, found interests in many groups including Photo Club and Eco Club.

“Club Rush is a fun way for me to find out all the different types of clubs that I can be a part of,” sophomore Araceli Camona said.

This event usually happens once a year at the beginning of the first semester. Clubs were required to sign up to be a part of the event. Students learned that different clubs offer different opportunities, from community service, to raising money for charity or being around a group with similar interests; there are many things to discover.

“I didn’t know there were clubs that actually looked good on college applications,” junior Tania Guzman said.

Students take advantage of this opportunity every year. Joining clubs is a fun way to make new friends while also having a great time doing and something new. Everyone who attended met new people and learned that after school activities can actually be fun.