Out of the light and into the dark

Kathy Ochoa, Writer

On February 27 the black light rally was held in the gym to honor the winter sports. For Downey High this has been a tradition for years and its one of the most anticipated rallies of the school year. In previous black light assemblies, the gym would be too crowed so it was decided two separate events would be held, which allowed a greater audience.


“I went to the assembly last year,” sophomore Cynthia Vega said, “but it was so packed I didn’t really enjoy it.” In the gymnasium students were split according to class. Pictures of The Beatles surrounded students. With the psychedelic theme set and the glow sticks passed out, students waited eagerly. Before lights went out the cheerleaders performed a special routine to get everyone pumped with a countdown. The crowd went wild as the room lit up with neon lights.


“I never thought the gym could look so cool with all the lights,” freshman Jan Bautista said, “and the drums! That had to be the best part.”

Both the varsity basketball girls and boys were introduced respectively, and they each had a chance to shoot a basket as both prepared for their game against Warren. The dance team also prepared a new routine just for the black light show. They stepped on stage dressed in all white and painted their bodies with glow in the dark paint. Drumline also put on a great show with glow paint splashing everywhere while they played to the beat of The Beatles.


“I liked how the dance team really got into it with the paint,” freshman Kathy Bui said, “I want to join dance now.” This event gives all students a chance to show off their school spirit and support winter sports.  Many do not participate during spirit week or go to any games but this gave some a new perspective on getting involved. The atmosphere in this assembly pumps students up after attending. With more and more students coming to the Black Light Assembly; it has become a true phenomenon.