All in it together


After 5 consecutive saves, Carmen Periban, 12, attempts to keep the Vikes alive and in the game as they reach the final seconds against Peninsula High school on April 18, at 3 p.m., in the Allen Layne Stadium. The final score would end in a loss by the Vikes: 12-5.

Kathy Ochoa, Writer

Downey’s varsity girls lacrosse put up a fight against Peninsula on Wed., April 18 in the Allen Layne Stadium. Preparing for the season came naturally, but games required not only strong plays and shots but as well teamwork. With the season soon coming to an end, the team learned new ways to improve their skills, such as double-teaming, communicating with teammates, and not allowing rainbow passes.

During the first half of the game Lizett Cisneros, 12, managed to score with just a couple remaining, due to her dodging skills. The girls made successful passes during the entire game, and midfield proved how strong they were fighting for the ball.

“We always do the best to our ability and as a team we do well,” senior Christiana Mendoza said. “ Win or lose we’re in it together.”

Interceptions were no problem for the Lady Vikes especially senior Carmen Periban. With communication during the second half, seniors Liz Buck made one shot and Adriana Mendoza made two. For these girls balancing lacrosse was not as hard as it seemed due to the fact that their opponents were not as near by.

“We take our homework to away games because we all know we’re coming home late,” junior Yaritza Figueroa said.

With the ending score of Downey 5 and Peninsula 12 the girls weren’t upset but satisfied, because lacrosse was fun for them regardless of 5 to 12.

“We have tried our best, but as a team we have tried hard,” junior Minji Kim said.

Girls varsity are close and good friends so it’s not a surprise that team bonding isn’t necessary. With only a couple years in Downey, lacrosse is improving more and more. These girls work hard to win.