Rainbow Wedding Cake in Germany

Alexis Gutierrez, Writer

On Sunday, October 1, two German men, Karl Kreile and Bodo Mende became the first married same-sex couple in Germany. While they had been in a registered partnership since 2002, this partnership did not offer the same tax and adoption options as straight married couples received, This step in Germany’s equality movement has been historical.


Math teacher at Downey High, and adviser to the LGBTQ club, Eric Bradfield speaks on his belief of human rights.


“I feel like everybody is human and everybody should have the same rights,” Bradfield stated. “ I don’t see why they can’t be a union and why the state cannot recognize that and give them the same benefits as a regular married couple.”


Same-sex marriage has been a longstanding issue in the United states, since 1970, when the frst same-sex couple applied and was denied for a marriage license in the United States. Countries are now coming to a joint decision to pass the equality law for sexual orientation.


Graduate of Downey High, and former president of LGBTQ club, Steven Mayer, talks about his opinion on the slow pace this law is on in society.


“In my opinion it does suck that things aren’t really escalating to a better place as fast as possible,” Mayer stated, “but maybe time is all it needs.”


Europe has been making big changes for human rights since 2001. Spain has had legal marriage between same-sex couples since 2005 and the Netherlands being the first country to legalize this in 2000. Germany’s parliament decided to legalize gay marriage in early June, with the vote passing at 393 votes in favor and 226 against, with four abstentions.


Senior and member of the LGBTQ club, Emilio Herrera speaks about his personal wants for worldwide LGBTQ rights. He mentions Germans decision and is happy to congratulate the couple.


“It’s better late than never, for Germany to legalize gay marriage,”Herrera said, “It’s a big step towards equality.”


Germany is the twenty-third country to legalize same-sex marriage worldwide. Following other recent countries, like: Malta (2017), United States (2015), Greenland (2015), Colombia (2016), Ireland (2015) and Finland (2015).