The Undeniable Obsession with Apple

Nicole Alvarez, Co-Editor-In-Chief

On Sept. 14, Apple’s event announced their newest iPhone, the iPhone Xs and Xs Max. The iPhone Xs and Xs Max promises an improved camera, sharper screen, and other new features that make anyone want to rush out and buy it. However, most of the new and exciting features are not too different from the previous one, yet everyone freaks out about it. What does it say about our society if we are so willing to throw our money at the latest technology? Where does our obsession come from and when will it end?


The iPhone Xs & Xs Max

The iPhone promised a revolutionary camera that will make pictures look better than ever before. A few of the improved features include depth control, HDR, detailed lowlights, sharper action shots and a dual-camera system. Other than the camera the iPhone comes in a brand new, gold finish as well as a sharper screen. The iPhone Xs Max offers a 6.5 display which is significantly larger than the iPhone X. Although these new features can sound quite promising, the price for the phone may not be as appealing to people. The iPhone Xs and Xs Max can retail from $999 to $1,449. The iPhone’s prices are approximately the same amount for college books.


Owner of the brand new iPhone Xs Max, Antonio Machado expresses concern when I asked if he feels Apple’s prices are worth it.


“No, not in this case,” Machado, 10, stated. “Apple prices their stuff way too high.”


Without a doubt Apple’s prices aren’t the most affordable, but is it still worth it?


The Inevitable Desire

There are so many cell phones from a variety of different companies that perform just as well as Apple’s iPhones, however most people prefer Apple. Why is there this preference? It is understandable that people want to have the latest phones because of all the buzz around it. However, there are lower income people who break their backs just to get. This obsession to get the latest technology can be alarming especially when people, such as college students cannot afford it but still buy it.


Alyson Lucena believes that our obsession has to do with how society views certain brands and products.


“I feel like the reason why everyone is so obsessed is to fit in”, Lucena, 10, stated. “I feel like just being able to say you have the brand makes you higher up in society.”


There are a variety of brands out there but certain ones stand out more than others. Maybe the reason that Apple is so popular is because having an Apple product can show your level in society. With Apple’s high prices there’s no doubt that the type of message that it conveys is wealth or even power.


iPhone vs. Social Life

As a society we cannot deny how our lives are deeply impacted by our phones. Whether it is Apple or any other cell phone, people especially teenagers, are glued to their phones at all times.


Humans have become savage animals when it comes to having internet. Joshua Cervantes explains how he will try to find away to have some source of internet at all times.


“If my phone was ever taken away for a month,” Joshua Cervantes, 12 stated. “I would find some other way to login to my social medias or use the internet or watch YouTube.”


Socially our world has become more introverted and has found a new lack of connection. If someone doesn’t have a phone they will still find other ways to use the internet whether its on another Apple product or a library’s computer. People everywhere have found a way to use phones as a way to escape reality. Slowly the general populace is becoming more connected to an iPhone than the people around them.