Meet Small Business Owner, Jessica Narez

Jocelyn Gonzalez and Gina Campos

Due to her family’s response to her baking, Jessica Narez, 11, decided to dedicate herself to starting a small business, Jess’ Goodies, where she sells all types of baked goods including cookies, cakes, brownies, and more. She was encouraged by her mom, over quarantine, to find a hobby or some activity to do, instead of spending too much time on the phone. 


The feedback from students on campus and from her family has kept Narez humbled and thankful of all the love she has received, but definitely sees God as her biggest supporter. “He leads me and sends me messages, reminding me of a step I’m about to miss when baking,” Narez stated. “Honestly, none of this would have been possible without him because he provides everything.”


Being a student and a small business owner is no easy task and can be stressful. The work ethic Narez received from her grandma and her parents is a reason why she is able to successfully do well in her business. With the help of her mom, she is able to manage her time wisely and well, as starting her small business has strengthened her time management by

planning everything very specifically in order to get things done. After school, she heads to the library until 4 or 5 pm. Then heads home to either get ready to go to soccer practice or to bake, and sometimes Narez even bakes until midnight. 


“I do feel stressed sometimes, but then, I remember what my goals are and what I am trying to achieve,” Narez says. “So, that puts me back in a state of mind where I know I could get this done.” 


The stress of having a small business does not discourage Narez to continue her business throughout college and her future. “I do plan to continue my business after high school because it is a good source of income,” Narez said. “When I see people smile over something so small, it makes my heart feel so warm and I love spreading love through food.”


Although she will continue her business in the future, she plans to become a professional soccer player while having a small bakery for comfort as that has been a dream of Narez. In order to accomplish her dreams, she plans to hire employees and to promote herself by posting more on social media, where she receives most of her customers as people know her as “the cookie girl.”


“Honestly, my secret is that every batch of cookies that I make, or any batch of anything that I make, there is always a uniqueness to each batch. Sometimes one will be chewier or softer and other ones will be more crunchier,” Narez reveals. “I bake with lots of love because you can tell when food is baked with hatred and sadness, but if you make it with love, you can actually savor every and each bite. Love transfers through the food.”


Spreading love through her baked goods has kept Narez to love her small business and see how she stands out from other small businesses, especially those who sell similar goodies as she. She firmly believes that she puts in all her time and effort into her baked goods. On the weekends, Narez is spending twelve hours making her baked goods revealing how she credits herself to be hardworking and determined. 


With all this devotion, Narez has become very passionate in her small business and slowly progressing into a major name business in the future. You can find Narez and her small business, Jess’ Goodies, either @jess.goodies or @jess.isabelxoxo on social media.