Dress comfy and Do better in school

Jocelyn Rosillo, Writer

As we might already know, an infectious disease has spread throughout the world, causing fear, and cautious behavior. In fact, our governor suggested we “stay home,” unless told otherwise by our jobs, and school has been cancelled until the end of this year for the Downey Unified school district. 


Though we are on this temporary quarantine, we are still keeping up with our classwork online and told to be exercising for PE. Still, a lot has changed, like our fashion choices.


Sophomores, Angeles Angulo and Mayeley Borrayo express their new style change as more comfortable.


“My style has definitely changed,” Angulo says giggling. “I’m always in sweats and a hoodie now.”


Following her statement, Borrayo says her style is mostly the same.


“It is more of a relaxed dress now though since I’m in the comfort of my own home,” says continues. “Like right now I’m wearing joggers and a tank top, which only happens occasionally at school.”


It has also affected the mindset of the students entering our school next year. An example, eighth grader, Juan Garcia. 


“I believe we’ll be physically going to school next year, which really sucks,” Garcia states. “I’m going to miss being able to wear Pajamas almost all day long, take less tests, and being able to snack on food during school hours.”


With hopes to kickstart next year with casual or dressy outfits, these students agreed that comfy wear does in fact encourage them to work faster so they have time off later on. 


Their change in fashion has allowed them to feel more comfortable while doing work and be less stressed since they can wear whatever they want and not be judged, unlike at school. They also suggested that this dresscode-free (for the most part) environment helps them feel less stressed and more comfortable while being lazy, not having to be all dressed up at home or at a desk freaking out.


How do you feel your style changed? And how do you think it has affected your home/school life?  (Tell us in the comments below, I’ll try to read every comment!)