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Jocelyn Rosillo
A budding philanthropist, Jocelyn Rosillo, 10, is in her first year of newspaper at Downey High school. She became interested in joining The Downey Legend after her english teacher told her it would be a great way to improve her writing skills. Apart from being a writer, Rosillo is involved in a volunteer program in her city, called Assistance League of Downey. In this program, she is the chairman of “Operation School Bell”, giving all kinds of school supplies to the kids in need.

Due to a love of science, when Rosillo grows up she has a dream of being a Biomedical Engineer. “Science is constantly changing and that’s what I love about it so much,” Rosillo stated. “I want to help people in a way they would never expect and I am able to do that with this specific occupation.”

Jocelyn Rosillo, Writer

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Jocelyn Rosillo