New Year, Same Me

Jocelyn Rosillo, Writer

Many start their year off with the mentality of improving some habits, relationships, or personal issues. Though they may set these goals/resolutions, some do not follow through with them for multiple reasons, one of which, they choose to ignore them.


Sophomore, Destinie Rosales does not believe goals people set are not attainable which she thinks is the reason why “nobody follows them.”


Being a believer in loving one’s self and self-benefit, she explains, “These New Year’s resolutions are just a way for people to set the excuse of not improving themselves too much throughout the year,” Rosales suggested. “I don’t understand why people set certain goals if they know they are not going to follow through.” 


Like Rosales, math teacher Mr.Whitt says there is no point in setting goals just at the beginning of the year because there is always room for improvement. 


“I do not have any resolutions. I just have goals I set for myself throughout the year,” Whitt discussed. “I try to better myself everyday but at the moment I am working on exercises and stretches to practice since I have been broken.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 


Natalie Valdez, 12, too realizes that very few strive to maintain the tasks they wish to complete all year, or by the end of the year. She presumes it is because they place unreasonable desired results.


“Some people just say things to say them,” Valdez proceeded. “It is like they are hoping they will have someone on their back – telling them to stay focused on their goals. Many say ‘New Year, New Me,’ and end up carrying themselves in the same way as before.” 


Explaining the difficulty of maintaining certain resolutions, she described the different types of endeavors one might pursue, and how some are much more difficult to follow through with. 


Relationship, academic, physical, and familiar aspirations may be tough to achieve but with the right motivation willingness, and devotion, your New Years Resolutions could come true anytime during the year.