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Natalia Sotomayor
With the hopes of one day being involved in the medical field, junior Natalia Sotomayor’s, growth mindset, determination, and studies have encouraged her to become a veterinarian. In order to procure this dream job, Sotomayor prepares herself by joining newspaper’s comic artists,  and taking a rigorous college prep course, honors human body systems. Here, you study the anatomical composition of all living things by conducting research, dissecting, and discussing. 

The main reason Sotomayor decided to consider becoming a veterinarian was because her puppy, Annie, needed to undergo surgery. Later, she proudly exclaimed, “they helped her, and I’m eternally grateful for that,” showing a more vulnerable side. Then, after further discussion about the pros and cons of becoming a veterinarian, she mentioned, “ least with this job I’m still able to help animals; one pet at a time.” Having the Downey Legend as an accessible source, Sotomayor, hopes to spread her love and awareness through the comics she illustrates.  

Natalia Sotomayor, Illustrator

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Natalia Sotomayor