Covid-19 Strikes Close to Home For One Norwalk Family

4/23/20: “It was pretty scary to be honest. My mom (who tested positive) is the main caregiver for my brother so I had to learn to take care of my brother’s medical needs in a span of a few days which was pretty intense since he’d gone through multiple surgeries in the past. My mom would be asleep a lot during the day and at night she would have a really ugly cough the normal flu could never give you. She once told me that through her 42 years of living that she’s never gotten this sick that badly. And the doctors declared her symptoms mild; I can’t imagine how severe symptoms would be like. The good thing was that we had all the things necessary to keep ourselves clean (hand sanitizer, gloves, masks, etc) since it’s already needed for my brother. She slept in the living room chair while the rest of my family slept in their own rooms, except my brother, he’s had a month’s worth of sleepovers in my room so far.”

Jocelyn Rosillo, Writer

Norwalk, California, U.S. All photos provided by interviewees