Fundraising for the class of 2022’s Future

Jocelyn Rosillo, Writer

This year, ASB sophomores decided to hold a clothing drive fundraiser until November 22. They got the idea from last year’s volleyball team and hoped to have a better outcome by spreading awareness and trying to make it much more simple. Just grab and donate. 


 Tenth-grade ASB representative, Emelyn Ochoa explained why she thought they chose to use a clothing drive as their fundraiser. 


“And, this way, it is not too costly because people would simply donate their old clothes,” Ochoa, 10, stated. “After all, fundraisers depend on student involvement.”   


Working through Tovar’s Cash 4 Clothes, a non-profit recycling organization that supports schools with clothing donations, they hope to raise around $500 to lay the foundation for future class events or field trips for the class of 2022. 


2022 class representative, Marie Palencia, then explained why their goal is having the clothing drive become an ongoing thing.


“This fundraiser would not only benefit us [because of the money we earn for the clothes], but it will also help those in need because of everything we’ve donated,” she disclosed. “And… we wish to have a good outcome, aiming for this to become an annual event.”  


With your help, participation, and donation(s), you can help the ASB class of 2022 reach their ultimate goal of giving their peers the best high school experiences or at least contributing to their happiness here at Downey High. 


“All they’d need to do is gather some of your old clothes [in decent condition], or an article of clothing and bring it to the ASB room,” Holly Awada, tenth-grade president, said. “The donations will end up going back to a Downey High School’s student family-owned business.”


The fact that one donated, Kyeleen Cortez, ASB member added, can give them a sense of pride, knowing they helped two causes. 


With upcoming ideas and plans, these ASB sophomores hope to have your support in their future endeavors to help make the class of 2022’s years at Downey High School the best they can be.