English 100

Jocelyn Rosillo, Writer

Invited by their counselor to join this semester, the English 100 students are trying out a new course here at Downey. This is a college-based English class that began Tuesday, January 14, taught by a professor from Cerritos College, Damon Cagnalati.


This class began as an alternative english course with a more professional, college feel to it. It was implemented by the college through word spread by counselors. Senior and English 100 student, Jane Abuhani spoke about Cagnalati.


“He is very welcoming. Very understanding. He just makes us feel more comfortable,” she stated. “I love his style of teaching. I’ve never seen someone try to relate more to kids than through connecting hip-hop music and English.”


Hoping to seek a sense of familiarity, Diego Rendon, 11, explained the welcoming environment of the class. 


“It is easier to relate to/meet people in this class rather than other classes because we are all there for the same reasons,” he stated. “I imagine it to be an easy class since we’ve been doing group discussions and warm-ups to start the class. Though I was a little thrown off when I read we were going to write 5 essays this semester.”


New to the class, junior Alexis Allende shared her thoughts on future enrollment.


If they are ready for the challenge, Alexis Allende says, “I would recommend the class. It’s a fun class and the professor is nice,” she stated. “There is this passion for teaching he has that makes the class so interesting-like I do not get bored. Somehow he makes learning fun by playing music while we share. It’s fun!”


With 30 students enrolled in the class and no open spaces, you may contact the college and career center to enroll next year in what is said to a “fun, liberating college-level class,” by those in the class. 


Similar classes being AP Lit or AP Lang which you may earn college credit from, or E.R.W.C. which helps prepare you for a college style/setting.