Miss Downey 2015

Miranda Ramirez, Editor-In-Chief

Announced as Miss Downey 2015 on Jan. 1, at the Rose Float Parade in Pasadena, Lauren Martinez is honored to have the title. Martinez, 12,first ran for Miss Teen Downey in 2013 and decided to run again last year. Being on court has opened doors for Martinez, especially job opportunities. It has also created long-lasting friendships.


“It’s really exciting when they call your name and you get crowned and sashed and handed a bouquet of roses,” Martinez said. “I love hearing people scream my name in crowd and supporting me.”


Close friend of Martinez, from the Pageant, Sarah Martinez, 12, competed in her first pageant alongside Lauren Martinez.


“I was very happy for Lauren when I found out she was Miss Downey because I knew how much it meant to her and how much she wanted to ride the float in Pasadena,” Martinez said. “Although it would really have been exciting if I would have won as well, being on the same court as my best friend was an unforgettable experience I wouldn’t change at all.”


Michelle Vilarino,10, met Martinez when they ran together in 2013 for Jr. Miss Downey and they have had a strong friendship ever since.


“She’s older than me so I look up to her, she’s like a big sister,” Vilarino said. “I am super proud of her; I’m happy she got queen. She deserved it.”


Unfortunately, Martinez is no longer allowed to run in the pageant because Miss Downey is the highest position therefore she is eliminated from the running. Martinez has no hostile feelings towards not being able to run again. She is highly appreciative of her amazing experience and she hopes that other girls will be able to experience the pageant as she did.