Seniors’ Last Year in High School

Jocelyn Gonzalez, Copy Editor

Entering the gates of Downey High School as a freshman to leaving the gates of Downey High School as a senior seems unreal. With graduation being less than a month away for the Class of 2022, seniors are feeling all the emotions as their time at Downey High School is almost coming to an end.


Senior Eric Herrera describes the emotions he is feeling. “Downey was my home for these four years. The atmosphere with all the students and teachers was electric for sure,” Herrera said. “But life moves on, and accepting adult life comes next. But don’t worry, I will carry the Vike Vibe for life.”


As a freshman, graduation seems to be a long time away, you think that the four years in high school will come by slowly. However, as May is approaching, seniors are realizing that they will soon be off to the “real world”. Even with the pandemic that took the second semester of sophomore year and their entire junior year away, they managed to make the most of it whether it was through sports, clubs or attending school events.


Senior and four-year Downey Dance Team member, Emily Barrera, explains that joining the Downey Dance Team was a highlight for her during her time in high school. “I was able to meet so many great people on [the dance team] as well as having the opportunity to perform for the school,” Barrera states. “I’m proud to have been able to be a part of this national winning team.”


Downey High School fills students with fun memories that will forever be cherished. Meeting new people, hanging out with friends, and talking to teachers are things that can’t be taken for granted as those little moments are the moments students will remember. For the seniors, Downey High School served as a place of comfort and helped them come out of their shells. 


Senior Wyatt Calderon reveals what Downey High School means to him and his future plans after graduating high school. “I’m gonna miss showing up every day, I really like school and these past four years were so full of spirit and good memories,” Calderon said. “I’m looking forward to having more time for myself, I’m gonna love all the extra time I have to put into music.” 


As this is their last year in high school, most seniors participated in all of the activities to complete their final year. Dressing up for the Senior Days, participating in spirit weeks, and showing off their Vike Vibe at the football games, they really wanted to make their final year count and make it the most memorable. 


With the excitement of graduating yet the nervousness of leaving and entering the “real world”, some seniors are apprehensive however they will have more freedom, independence, and time which is something that wasn’t really able to maintain throughout high school. Whatever pathway each senior will take, most will remember the great times and moments they had at Downey High School.