CTE Programs: Graphic Design Q&A

Gina Campos and Miranda Ortiz

Isabella Ramirez, 12


Q: How has the graphic design program at Downey High School contributed to your personal growth with the subject?


A: “Mr. Herrera’s graphic design class has taught me a lot about how to view graphic design from a professional lens. I learned how to use high end programs like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to create logos, clothing mock-ups, and style guides. In this class, I’ve been able to practice my designs and improve my skills with each assignment.”


Q: What has having a paid internship relative to graphic design been like and what opportunities has it provided?


A: “I was a part of the MADE internship where I did the graphic design Deep Dive for Blue Dot Education. It was a great experience because I was able to apply everything that I learned from Mr. Herrera’s class to the work that I did in the internship. I got a lot of positive feedback on my designs which made me feel really proud of my work. Collaborating with others was a bit of a challenge for me because everyone’s ideas and design styles are so different. Figuring out how to incorporate other peoples ideas to my designs was a great learning experience because it’s a skill that I’ll need in the future.”


Q: Would you recommend this program to current or future Downey High students?


A: “Yes, I’d definitely recommend the graphic design program to any DHS students that are interested. My message to them is to always think outside the box and show your personal style through your designs because it’s what makes them unique and creative.”