Abigail Lira, Photographer

Many people are always asking themselves, “What is something good and new I can watch on Netflix?” Well, I’m here to tell you about a show that you could be missing out on. May I present to you… Wednesday! 


As you may or may not have seen, this is part of the Addams Family franchise, but this is a show that focuses on Wednesday (the protagonist, the daughter from the franchise The Addams Family) navigating her life from boys and from friendships. 


The start of the show shows Wednesday in a normal public school. She finds her brother locked inside a locker and has a vision of who did it. She has piranhas in a bag and drops them in the pool where they are. She ends up at a school where her mom also went called Nevermore Academy, which is a school for gifted kids like werewolves, sirens, and people with telekinetic powers. 


This story takes place in a town called Jericho. We see a love triangle, mystery, and angst. The angst part, well that’s mostly Wednesday but it’s still definitely part of the show. Wednesday embarks on a mystery after a student, Rowan, tries to kill her. He tells her that his mom told him it was his destiny to “stop this girl” meaning Wednesday if she ever set foot in Nevermore because she will destroy the school and everyone in it. Showing her a picture of her and the school on fire. Rowan dies and Wednesday grabs the picture and is on a mission to figure out she destroys the school. This show is a great watch if you and or your family love action and mystery and drama. With all of that happening, it created a very believable plot with more twists and turns you may not expect, you’re in for a treat. 


The writer has great use of action and develops the story very well through all the characters. The main characters are a big help with the mystery later on in the show, some of them even have tie-ins to the mystery trying to be solved. This show, whether or not your thing is watching movies rather than shows or not watching anything at all. This could be something new that you try, a drama show filled with mystery with turns you may not expect.