Students Love Romantic Gestures

Lukas Luna, Co-Copy Editor

The month of February helps bring out the romantic side of everyone and Downey High School students are no different. There are plenty of romantics on campus who find joy in the many different gestures of love.  


Hannah Rath

While some enjoy large, bombastic gestures of love, freshman Hannah Rath finds that it is the small things that are truly romantic. “I don’t know [what the perfect gesture is] , maybe a little love letter from time to time,” Rath said. “Just something small to let the other person know that you care.”


Angelina Dilorenzo

For some, a romantic gesture is judged by the act itself. For others, like sophomore Angelina Dilorenzo, the mere thought behind a simple gesture of love is enough to elicit a strong reaction. “I think they [romantic gestures] represent how someone really thinks of you and puts in the time and effort to make you happy,” Dilorenzo said. “A lot of the time they make me cry.”    


Michael Mendez

A romantic gesture often represents the amount of trust two people place in one another. Junior Michael Mendez feels trust being imparted on to him when he holds someone he loves. “I feel like this person trusts me with their safley.” Mendez said. “It makes me feel good.”   


For those too shy to perform a romantic gesture completely on their own, Downey High School clubs often sell carnations for $1 during Valentine’s day.