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Enrique Jimenez
Finishing his last year  strong, Podcast Manager, Enrique Jimenez,12, has been  part of Downey High School’s newspaper, The Downey Legend, for his 2nd year now. With his goofy sense of humor he’s published numerous podcasts that always showcase a positive and light hearted attitude. Besides podcast, Jimenez has been part of Downey High’s soccer team for three years now, and enjoys  how he shows his true self on the field with his teammates when playin


Having podcast skills,  Jimenez purses to be involved in the Television Industry. Jimenez enjoys  spreading news in his own unique way for others to be informed.“I always like news and it’s something I see myself fitting into.” Jimenez stated. Being an outgoing person he enjoys listening to others and giving advice back. Jimenez desires for others to be informed about news and him giving that information., like talking about it and giving his opinions on it. “ I like to know what’s going on and I like to make other people aware of it,” Jimenez stated.

Enrique Jimenez, Podcaster

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Enrique Jimenez