Florida Senate Vote

Dennise Reynoso, Writer

A few weeks after the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High, Florida legislation has voted to pass numerous measures to avoid future mass shooting such as this one. These measures include gun restrictions, appropriation of funds towards mental health awareness as well the option to arm school officials.


The bill details restriction of arms to those who are 21 and older as well as placing a waiting period to ensure background checks are sufficient.


Grace Mun, 12, explains the necessity for stricter gun laws especially for arms.


“I think gun control should definitely be a priority for the Florida senate,” Hossain said. “This new effort to control the sale of guns will hopefully prevent future gun violence.”


The Florida Senate introduced the Marshal Program, a law allowing school officials to carry guns. This law intends to provide school administrators with the added protection in case of an attack.


Madian Villeda, 12, described her hesitance with the Marshal Program.


“I understand why allowing more access to guns in school would help, considering how it may prevent shooters from even entering the school if attacker knew school officials were armed,” Villeda said. “Yet, I’m wary that adding more guns will only increase tension on the matter.”


Isela Recillas, 12, also shared an opinion on the matter and her approval of the legislators aim to encourage awareness of mental health.


“I feel that instead of arming teachers, we as a society should focus on the mental health of students,” Recillas said. “Mental health of the students, after all, is the source of the issue.”


Although this important bill in Florida may soon pass, the gun debate seems to have no chance of ending soon. Other legislators have yet to pass stricter gun laws in light of the recent tragedy, including those in Washington DC. And the public does not show any signs of ceasing their protests for change.