The doctor is in

Since the last week of October, ROP Health Occupation students from Downey High School visit the PIH Health Hospital for hands on practice. Students in this class go to the hospital during first and second period everyday except Mondays.

Natalie Gomez, Arts & Entertainment Section Editor/ Staff Writer

On Oct. 24, the ROP Health Occupations class began their on-the-job training at the PIH Hospital in Downey, where they work mornings Tuesday through Friday.

Mrs. Davis, the ROP Health Occupations adviser, leads the students for six weeks in the classroom where they learn the basics about working at a job. They also learn basic medical information including how to take vital signs and the human body system.

“I want to do something in the medical field but I’m not sure what it is yet,” Jasmine Martinez, 12, said. “The reason we’re there at the hospital is to observe how things are done so we know what to expect.”

Through this class, the students have the opportunity to choose the section of the hospital that they would like to experience. The different departments include pharmacy, human resources, emergency room, storeroom, radiology, cardiology, reception, Family Birth Center, patient care, and others.

“I work in the pharmacy department and I really like it because when I grow up I want to be a pharmacist,” Cynthia Lopez, 12, said. “It gives me an idea of what they do and how they get stuff done there because they have me dispose of expired medicine and file paper work.”

Some students chose to work in a low-stress medical department, but others chose a much different route.

“I work in the Family Birth Center,” Brittany Mora, 12, said. “It’s a fun experience working in that department because you get to see the moms come in, go into labor, have their baby, and witness the babies getting their vitals checked.”

Another department available for on-the-job training is the storeroom. Here the students handle paper work, deliver medical supplies, and answer phone calls like other medical personnel would do.

“At the hospital, I volunteer so I can learn how to join the medical field after I graduate,” Christopher De Felice, 12, said. “I work in the storeroom and deliver medical supplies to all of the different medical offices.”

Overall, this CTE ROP Health Occupations Class is made for students interested in the medical field. This class is meant to let students get job experience and let them decide if they want to pursue a career in medicine after high school.