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Cynthia Guerrero

Cynthia Guerrero, Co-Photo Editor

Cynthia Guerrero has joined The Downey Legend for the first time, during her senior year, as a photographer. Last year she was in Photojournalism, but this year she signed up for Newspaper. Guerrero got into Newspaper by first applying to Yearbook and then switching to The Downey Legend. Guerrero felt that Yearbook was not something she wanted to pursue, so she moved classes to gain a different experience. “Newspaper fit better on my schedule than Yearbook did,” Guerrero stated.

Guerrero states that she wants to be an Ultrasound technician or go to a four-year university to major in cosmetology. To Guerrero, college is something she does not want to spend her money on if it is something that is not worth spending. “I don’t care as long as it’s worth it,” Guerrero stated. Some of Guerrero’s hobbies are singing, listening to music, hanging with friends, shopping, and being on YouTube. In five to ten years she has big plans. “Living on my own, studying college, opening my salon for hair and eyebrows,” Guerrero works hard to accomplish her goals, she will get there with her determination.

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The local Downey movie theater, Krikorian, releases horror film, Unfriended, on Apr. 17. “I had to wait for the second showing of this movie since it was sold out,” Andrea Perez said.

[Photo] Unfriended

Noemi Lozano, Copy Editor
May 5, 2015
Saturday night on Mar. 14, a live performance by the Two Headed Cat band fills the room with rock music lovers at the Stay Fest Event in the Stay Gallery. The event lasted until midnight; smog, purple and blue lights surrounded the dark room.

[Photo] Spin the genre

Vivian Buenrostro, Co-Editor-in-Cheif
March 27, 2015
During the last week of February, both seniors and cousins, Andres Diaz and German Diaz, celebrate the top applicant reception letter they received from the University of California, Santa Barbara. They both plan on attending the ceremony together and are excited for what there is to come.

[Photo] Becoming a gaucho

Natalie Gomez, Arts & Entertainment Section Editor/ Staff Writer
March 10, 2015
New to the Downey High School campus, Stephanie Gonzalez meets her first and best friend, senior Marlene Oropeza, in her ROP dance class during the first week. “At first it was overwhelming because I didn’t know anyone, but I love the friends that I‘ve made and the people I’ve met,” Gonzalez stated.

[Photo] Just go with the flow

Mireya Navarro, Staff Writer
January 21, 2015
Before the November deadline, senior Desiree Flores looks over the information for colleges that she applied to, such as UCs and Cal States, to review her options. “It can be stressful when you leave everything at the last minute,” Flores stated.

[Photo] The next big step

Mireya Navarro, Staff Writer
December 21, 2014
Since the last week of October, ROP Health Occupation students from Downey High School visit the PIH Health Hospital for hands on practice. Students in this class go to the hospital during first and second period everyday except Mondays.

[Photo] The doctor is in

Natalie Gomez, Arts & Entertainment Section Editor/ Staff Writer
December 9, 2014
In honor of El Día de los Muertos, Resurreción Mexican Folk dance ballet folkorico on Sunday, Nov. 2, at the Downey Civic Theatre. They were one of the biggest teams who danced folkorico on this special day.

[Photo] Paying their respects

Carlos Garcia, Staff Writer
November 12, 2014
Every Wednesday afterschool, Warren High School transfer, Daniela Figueroa, 12, works on building a reading printer, in her engineering class, for the school to use. “All these new engineering classes are the only reason why I moved to Downey High School,” Figueroa stated.

[Photo] Bears to Vikings

Carlos Garcia, Staff Writer
October 29, 2014
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Cynthia Guerrero