Love, dance, and amigos

Mehak Khan, Staff Writer

On Thursday, Feb. 12, DHS Amigos club held their fourth annual Valentine’s Day dance, in the DHS gym, to celebrate friendship and enjoy Valentine’s Day.


Cindy Salceda, the club’s adviser, explained that the main purpose was to recreate a dance-like environment for students with disabilities.


“We wanted the students that never had a chance to attend school dances to experience it in a safe and secure environment,” Salceda said. “We even added a photo booth and a dessert table to bring more of a real high school dance feeling.”


The DHS Amigos members tried their best to help the students with special needs have fun. The club members helped decorate the gym with posters and also played music to dance to.


Natalie Figueroa, 12, a member of the DHS Amigos club, shared why she thinks this dance is a way the teens with disabilities were able enjoy their time with other students.


“The dance was a great chance for them to get to know other students,” Figueroa said. “The students with disabilities sometimes feel like they have a restraint, so this way they can be free, dance with us, and have fun.”


Caretakers also attended the dance to make sure everyone was safe. The dance was held during school hours to make it easier for students to attend.


Natalie Pachecano, 11, another member of the DHS Amigos club, spoke about her experience after the dance.


“It was really sweet to see them having fun with us,” Pachecano said. “This dance was also a nice way to celebrate friendship.”


The Amigos club’s sole purpose is to help students with disabilities and interact with them. The Amigos club holds meetings every 3rd week of the month.