Noemi Lozano, Copy Editor

On April 17, the highly-anticipated thriller, Unfriended was released to public theaters, and was expected to be the movie of the year, because of its contemporary vibe.
The film, produced by Blumhouse Productions, stars Heather Sossaman as Laura Barns, a teenage girl who was bullied and taken advantage of. The teen is forced to commit suicide from depression after a video of her being sexually assaulted is posted online by a group of so-called friends. The film had viewers on the edge of their seats as Laura haunts the group of friends through their computer screens.


To give the film a more realistic and modern feel, the movie went on for over an hour as a Skype call. On the other end of the call is Laura who plays a deadly game with them, making them harm themselves as revenge for their cruelty.


Although the movie was perceived to be a hit before its release, it has received negative reviews. The average rating of viewers who enjoyed it, according to Rotten Tomatoes, was 47%, although it has made a total of 25 million dollars.