Welcome to the good life

After graduating high school on June 17, seniors Martin Ponce and Sabrina Vidrio will be attending community college in the fall of 2015. “Even though our squad is going to different colleges,” Ponce said, “we’re sticking together.” “Yeah, I’m kinda stuck with him,” Vidrio said.

Mireya Navarro, Staff Writer

The Downey High School seniors are getting ready to graduate from the 2014-2015 school year and are saying their final farewells to the campus staff, administrators, and friends. From senior portraits, to the very first senior assembly, and finally the last high school dance, seniors have created memories that have impacted them in different ways.



Senior Sabrina Vidrio admits that her high school years were not that great, but her senior year seemed to be the best.



“I love that I met new people this year without letting go of the friends that I started freshman year with,” Vidrio stated. “’I am still here with who I started with’, word to Drake.”



The seniors are ready to start a new chapter in their lives, whether it is to start on a career right away or to go to college. Downey High is proud to say that there are approximately 316 seniors who are going to attend a 4-year university.


It is unknown how many students will attend a junior college, but senior Martin Ponce is one of them.


“I feel sad that I’m leaving some of my sophomore and junior friends behind,” Ponce said. “I’m for sure going to miss the ones who are going away for college. I have to let go of all of that though. I need to focus on myself and get ready for Cypress Community College.”



Junior Leo Aguilar has hung out with this year’s graduating class since he was a freshman, so he feels left out because he knows that his last year of high school will not be with his friends.



“My best memory with my friends was at a car wash for Dodi,” Aguilar said. “That’s when I met most of my senior friends. It’s a bittersweet feeling knowing that they’re leaving, but I’m proud of all of them.”



Seniors have held bonds with teachers throughout their 4 years of attending Downey High. These teachers are the kind who have encouraged and pushed them to do better while having a friendship.



English teacher, Nathalie Nunez is a teacher who students find easy to talk to.

Ramirez claims that the class of 2015 is probably the hardest class to say goodbye to due to them being her first senior class.


“I am definitely very sad that they are leaving for the reason that I probably won’t see very many of them again,” Nunez said. “These seniors made me realize how truly invested and attached teachers can become to their students.”



Connections were also made with DHS staff members. These adult figures have seniors feeling sad to leave.



Joseph Ochoa, 12, usually refers to the ASB bookkeeper, Cindy Foley, as “momma Foley” due to her strong mother figure she has toward him and others.



“I always have a feeling of sadness over the seniors who are leaving because, for the most part, I have built relationships with them,” Foley said. “The Class of 2015 is really motivated to go out there and take on the world! I can’t wait to see what they are going to do next.”


Throughout high school, the class of 2015 matured and learned from the many experiences they had. They are now ready to leave their high school days behind and leave them as memories. Welcome to the “good” life seniors, Downey High loves you.