A future with Fresno State


Marianne Aguilar

Senior Arturo Gomez gets signed to Fresno State University to play football on Wed., Feb. 19. “It feels unreal,” Gomez said. “It’s something you set your mind to but, at the same time, it always felt so far away; when my time finally came I just enjoyed the moment.”

Sabrina Fuentes, News Section Editor

Senior Arturo Gomez signed with Fresno State for the 2014 football team, on Feb. 5, in the Downey High School Theatre. Gomez is part of a group of 22 other players who were also selected for the team.

Gomez was surprised and said it still had not hit him.

“It feels great and unreal,” Gomez said, “but if you want to use something they say it’s ‘Bulldog born, bulldog bred, gonna be a bulldog ‘till the day I’m dead.’ I mean, I think that says it all.”

His passion for football started his freshmen year when he played for Cathedral High School. After playing for a year, his mother insisted on transferring him to Downey his sophomore year, where he plays as an offensive linemen.

“My mom’s proud,” Gomez said. “She was the one that wanted me to go to Fresno.”

UCLA was also interested in Gomez but he decided to attend Fresno because it is close to home and where he will be able to spend time with his family. He will be living in the dorms, accompanied by his friend Gabriel Llanes, 12, who has also received scholarship for the baseball program.

Senior, Fransico Heraz, Arturo’s best friend and teammate, was very pleased about his friend and the great opportunities that is ahead.

“Art deserves this scholarship more than anyone because he’s worked his butt off to get where he’s trying to get and I believe in Art,” Heraz said. “That he will do something great and I love him because he’s my best friend.”

Coach Williams, head coach for the Downey varsity football team, is also excited for Art. Williams, although proud of Gomez’s accomplishments, will miss what he was able to bring to the team.

“I will miss his smile, his character, and I just always knew he would do the right thing, he’s a good kid,” William said. “He is a great leader who demands a lot from the people around him.”

As Gomez looks towards the future, he shares his ambition and goals he has for football.

“It’s always been a dream of mine to play college football,” Gomez said. “To get a free education, and to get school paid for. I will be the first in my family to go to college. Coming to Downey was the best decision so far.”

Gomez has accomplished so much these past 4 years and, as of now, the future has never looked so bright for him and his dreams.