Clubs Meet Through Zoom

Kelly Zabala, Writer


In a normal school year, Downey High School would have promoted the  first semester club rush. However, as this school year is held online, a club rush similar to past years was possible. Clubs have been approved to organize and meet via Zoom. Such clubs would be Teen Court, Youth for Change, Junior State of America, Thirst Project Club, and Kiwins.


Participating in a club allows one to get involved with a school or community, make new friends, and expand your interests. Sam Sarofeem, 11, involved in Kiwins and Thirst Project Club, explains how this year’s club processes are different from his previous years as they approach new methods of organizing.


“I’m excited to participate in [Kiwins and the Thirst Project Club]. It’s a big change but the goal hasn’t changed. We’re still raising money to build wells in countries that don’t have access to safe, clean water,” Sarofeem explains. “This year, we’re building a well in El Salvador… It’s kind of tough raising money since people are losing jobs.”


As clubs continue into another year, newer clubs have been given the opportunity to emerge. The Erasing the Stigma club, founded in September, will be starting their meetings October 19 through zoom. The president, Daniella Ferreira, 11, believes that mental health is important.


“There’s a lot of stereotypes around it,” Ferreira states. “I just wanted to spread awareness and maybe, like, break some of them.”


The return to Downey’s campus has been teased to be in January. If classes meet for the first time, clubs will have the opportunity to meet together after school.When asked if he would want to meet with his fellow Junior State of America club members, Jesus Reyes, 12, had to disagree.


If everyone were to speak you can’t really hear some people with a mask, as some are thicker than the others,” He states. “I don’t see how in a small classroom everyone who would wish to join that meeting could be socially distant.”


The question of how clubs will continue when school returns, is still on the table. For now, club leaders will learn to get creative with how they organize their club meetings and events.