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Kelly Zabala
As a hardworking student-athlete, Kelly Zabala, 12, wrestles on the girls wrestling team and is a writer for the Downey Legend. She manages her love for both activities because she finds writing to be enjoyable and wrestling to be vigorous. Aside from her extracurriculars, Zabala plans on going to Unity College in Maine in order to receive a degree in marine biology so she can fulfill her dream as a marine veterinarian.  


She’s done lots of research and knows what is currently happening in the ocean, “I want to help make a big impact, there is a lot going on in the ocean and it is a big source of our life that is currently being damaged by human technology,” Zabala said. “It is very heartbreaking to me, which is why I want to help take care of the Ocean and ocean life.”

Kelly Zabala, Writer

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Kelly Zabala