Halloween And The Pandemic

Kelly Zabala , Writer

As people continue to stay indoors and isolated, the want to return to a normal life becomes more and more tempting. With Halloween approaching, there is a chance that people will celebrate it as they did in previous years and create an increase in COVID-19 numbers. 


When the CDC released their holiday guidelines, LA County released their set guidelines that discouraged the public from celebrating Halloween through traditional door-to-door candy hunting. Instead, they encouraged indoor Halloween activities, such as scavenger hunts in your home and virtual costume contests. Although many are unhappy with these guidelines, Eliseo Payan, 11, found himself making plans to keep the holiday spirit alive.


“I was going to have my niece trick or treat around the house and celebrate inside,” Payan states. “We’ll have costumes and candy for her to enjoy. It will be Halloween in our house.”


Although most Halloween events are cancelled, there are sure to be small gatherings amongst loved ones. Despite LA County recommendations, Halloween is the one night of the year that anybody can dress up and walk around in public without questioning. The idea of face painting, carving pumpkins, and laughing amongst friends can bring out the holiday spirit to those such as Brendon Lopez, 12.


“Halloween is a must to celebrate,” Lopez said. “It brings true happiness to people who love being scared, who love making jack-o-lanterns, putting up decorations, and dressing up for the night to be something they’re not… It brings the inner child’s joy back out and it’s indescribable.”


With Halloween being regulated this year by officials, there is possibility in future holidays being regulated as well. Despite the urge to regress to what life once was, the celebration of holidays can be unsafe. Natalie Lopez, 11, recognizes this to be true.


“[Officials] would enforce regulations and tell people to try and celebrate it with people in your household and not with friends,” Lopez said/states. “I don’t think we’d be able to go out to public establishments.”


For the time being, we must remain patient as COVID numbers decrease and follow county and state mandates. We can continue to celebrate the holidays, but in new creative ways.