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How The Newest Round of Quarantine has Affected Restaurants Employees

Katherine Portillo, Photographer January 26, 2021

No big restaurant chain or tiny mom & pop shop is safe from the effects of the pandemic. In the early winter of 2020, the CDC came out with another set of regulations (including a second round of quarantine)...

The Current State of COVID-19 Food Shortages

Articles and multimedia featured in the Get Educated column are meant to inform audiences on stances in trending and mainstream topics. In this content, there may be bias from the creator based on their opinions and perspective.
Maya Guzman, Writer December 12, 2020

Regardless of what your initial sentiments had been at the start of this pandemic, not one of us could have foreseen the long term conflict that would arise. What had originally begun as several days in...

With unexpected and unprecedented restaurant/business guidelines, Elreda explains how the pandemic has forced him to grow as a business owner. “It taught all of us that we have to stick together to get through hard times,” Elreda said. “I’m proud that we were able to keep everyone employed and not lay off anyone during these challenging times.”

Fatima’s Grill and The Pandemic

Montserrat Gonzalez, Photo Editor December 7, 2020

Halloween And The Pandemic

Kelly Zabala , Writer October 4, 2020

As people continue to stay indoors and isolated, the want to return to a normal life becomes more and more tempting. With Halloween approaching, there is a chance that people will celebrate it as they...

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