Young Entrepreneurs Face Covid-19

Maya Guzman, Writer

Entering our sixth month into quarantine; while simultaneously battling the consequences of a vicious pandemic, many small businesses have plunged into foreclosure. Numerous owners have taken dramatic measures and have gone great lengths to service customers, meanwhile young student-owned entrepreneurs have been left in society’s pre-pandemic state.


Depop seller Brittany Salinas, 12, was overwhelmed by the difficulty of pursuing her creative outlet at the start of quarantine. The entrepreneur struggled with following her passion as postal services became limited, thrift shopping consisted of regulated prolonged trips, and newfound school pressure conflicted with orders. 


Up cycling for over a year now, Salinas began thrifting to transform outdated attire into present-day 2020 fashion.


“Don’t be scared and be responsible with your time,” Salinas said. “…it can be tempting to turn to brand name corporations, but take a chance on small businesses. They are one of a kind and guaranteed to make you feel special. And why would[] you want to feel less than special.”


Exemplifying diverse entrepreneurs at Downey High School, Janelle Torres, 11, is among the ascendant painters here on campus. Putting her recreation to practice for nearly a year, Torres has learned to channel her anxieties and frustrations into her work. As Covid-19 became expansive, the artist was fronted with newfound obstacles; one being prioritizing her mental health in exchange for the demands in artwork.


 Juggling a business and her academics, Torrres often felt she couldn’t fully devote herself to each piece. Nonetheless, Torres notes the vitality in tapping into one’s creativity, as a side project or even a hobby.


“Start out slow and encourage your family and friends to promote your work. Find the people you want your business to attract and target the products that would cater to their liking,” Torres said. “…do not feel intimidated of what is new simply because it doesn’t sell. Be patient and the business will pick up with time.”


The young entrepreneurs emphasize the importance of supporting small-scale businesses. Fronted with the new harsh realities of today due to Covid-19, many student owners are tackling obstacles such as safety protocol, time management, and maintaining efficiency. Although these days many of us are consumed in unfamiliarity, venture out and enclose yourself in the one of a kind, thrill that goes hand in hand with small businesses.