Potential Writing Center Tutors

Lukas Luna, Co-Copy Editor

The Downey High School campus, like many others across the country, is filled with a vast majority of talented young writers. The Downey High School Writing Center allows these individuals to channel their literary skill into helping those who might need it. On March 1, it narrowed the list of fledgling writers who have potential to be tutors for next year.


The Writing Center is known for its welcoming and accepting environment. To keep this positive reputation, the program often considers a potential tutor’s social skills during evaluation. Monica Ulloa, 10, feels that her people skills help her case for becoming a tutor.


“I’m very approachable and I think that helps give the Writing Center a good environment,” Ulloa said. “That way the students who will come in for help won’t be intimidated by me or other tutors.”


While some are confident in their skill as tutors, others feel that tutoring will further their literary ability. Sophomore Daniella Gomez believes that she will learn as much from those under her tutelage as they will from her.


“I want improve my own writing, but at the same time I feel that I’m good enough to help others.” Gomez said. “So I feel it would benefit both me and the students I tutor.”


While accumulation of knowledge is an enticing factor for many potential tutors, others see the Writing Center as their chance to give back. Sophomore Raziel Caro views it as her opportunity to repay all her teachers over the years who have helped her improve her writing.


“I have struggled in the past with my writing and I was fortunate enough to have amazing teachers who helped me improve.”  Caro said. “I want to help someone else in the same way.”


The Writing Center will announce next year’s tutors on March 18.