Encore Fashion Club x GLAUDI

During the Q & A, Johana Hernandez, the Creator of Glaudi’s, talks about her inspirations to create a certain clothing piece and what she tries to do for her clients. “When designing, I think about them [students] as celebrities,” Hernandez said. “We have a dress for every girl and I get inspired by each and every girl. It’s always about who’s wearing it.”

Ysabelle Canilao, Photographer

The Encore Fashion Club held a fashion show on Jan. 12 presented the line made by Johana Hernandez called GLAUDI. Johana Hernandez, the designer and founder of GLAUDI has designed for multiple creators, and has been featured in People Magazine.


Hernandez took part of a fashion show held at Downey and, after she had received compliments from her peers, she was inspired her to make more dresses. She is a part of a modeling talent show on Amazon Prime called The Fashion Hero.


“We have a dress for every girl—don’t feel for there’s not a dress for you,” Hernandez said. “I get inspired by each girl. It’s always about who’s wearing it.”


Monse Ramirez, 12, who is president of the Encore Fashion Club, started interning for GLAUDI in September.


“Fashion can decide how your day goes by,” Ramirez said. “It determines your mood for the day too. It’s a way to express individualism. It separates us from anyone else.”


Junior Kianna Maglaqui likes to express herself through her personality. She does not care if people judge her based on her clothing.


“It doesn’t matter if it’s weird or not. I’m not going to let people judge me by it,” Maglaqui said. “I have a thing for orange- even when it comes to makeup. I would make a style out of orange.”


Hernandez grew up in Compton and graduated from Downey High School in 2004.


The Encore Fashion Club usually does one fashion show a year, but this year they hosted two. The club meets on Thursdays after school in room B105. If you have any questions, contact the adviser Mr. Casarez.