Amanda Davila, Staff Writer

Rivalry week comes quickly for students at Downey and Warren High School, but this year it took a twist, during the week of Oct. 19 through the 23, as school spirit was everywhere in the halls of both high schools. Students from Warren High School made a diss track speaking poorly about Downey’s school spirit and the school in general; this has also been roaming the halls.


Anxious about the highly anticipated game, junior, Tony Ramirez, stays out of the rivalry drama in order to prepare himself for the game.


“I don’t like to get involved in all the rivalry drama because, at the end of the day, the football players are on the field not the students,” Ramirez said. “The “Quack-To-Quack” diss track made me laugh; I didn’t understand the purpose of it.”


“Quack-To-Quack” was released by a student from Warren as a way to make fun of Downey High School. His idea did not go as planned because the next day at school students came with even more support and spirit then ever.


Junior, Juan Ochoa believes the “Quack-To-Quack” song affected the school spirit and the spirit at the game.


“The track “Quack-To-Quack” was very funny and creative,” Ochoa said, “ rivalry week is always fun and hyped up but this diss track added more to it.”


Turning something negative into a positive the diss track “Quack-To-Quack” brought students of Downey High School together. It created participation in spirit week and for the game.


With the help of “Quack-To-Quack”, junior, Christian Covarrubias participated in every day of spirit week.


“The diss track “Quack-To-Quack” affected school spirit because it led to controversy which made everything more hyped,” Covarrubias said. “Warren tried to diss us but at the end more students got involved.”


Downey High School ended spirit week by playing “Quack-To-Quack” during school and at the big game in order to show Warren their attempt to make fun of us didn’t work in their favor. Downey High remains strong and spirited with help from the student body, ASB, and oddly Warren High School’s released diss track.