The Downey Legend


A Warren High School  “Rapper” released a diss track called “Quack to Quack” on Sunday the 18, to Mock Downey High through via social media. This created a bigger rivalry that’s been going on for years.

Amanda Davila, Staff Writer

November 6, 2015

Rivalry week comes quickly for students at Downey and Warren High School, but this year it took a twist, during the week of Oct. 19 through the 23, as school spirit was everywhere in the halls of both high schools. Students from Warren High School made a diss track speaking poorly about Downey’s...

Rivalry through the ages

Amanda Garcia

December 2, 2009

The rivalry between the Downey Vikings and the Warren Bears has been going on as long as can be remembered. Hanging teddy bears at Downey and dragging ducks at Warren symbolize the seriousness of our rivalry. Whether it was who could beat who at what sport, this non-stop fight to see who the greatest school is will never cease to exist. And w...

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