Niall Horan’s New Album ‘Flicker’

Nicole Estrada, Writer

Since becoming a solo artist, Niall Horan has released two singles, “Slow Hands” and “This Town” which hinted at a potential album release. On his birthday Sept. 13, Horan gave all his fans on Snapchat an actual release date which shocked them all.


Natalie Lemus, 11, states that she has stuck by Niall’s side since the very beginning of One Direction.


“It’s great. I know he’s always wanted to do it, but being in a band, of course he has other obligations,” Lemus stated. “So seeing him out there by himself makes me so happy.”


Since they separated, Horan has been able to go his own way and bring different styles to this new album. He brought in this more country feel with the song “Seeing Blind” featuring Maren Morris.


Christy Lopez, 9, is ecstatic to see Horan in a new way and very ready for this side to come out a lot more in upcoming albums.


“I’m not surprised honestly; Niall seemed like the type to go for that kind of style,” Lopez said. “Niall is more electro- industrial and bringing in this country style makes this song more creative.”


This move is big for Horan because he has been with One Direction for so long that now he is a solo artist, he can do so much more greater things in his career.


Jessica Flores, 12,  has listened to every song they have  made as a band and doesn’t think One Direction’s breakup is terrible.


“He’s a talented and great artist; we’re just seeing this side of Niall now,” Flores stated. “We were never able to see this side of him when he was a part of One Direction. They played music just for teens but now he is able to make music for a bigger audience.”


Horan released his album Oct. 20 and now is adding a documentary about the making of his album Flicker. He will add moments of him in the sound booth and the moments that made this album.