What is the Venus/Libra transit?

Sofia Basulto, Writer

Just in time for homecoming proposal season, the planet of love, Venus, (named after the Roman goddess of beauty) is aligning with its favorite sign, Libra. Venus and Libra’s convergence from the dates of around August 16th through October 2nd, is going to be the most beneficial for all things love and hopelessly romantic. 


With Venus as Libra’s ruling planet, they work together in harmony creating connections and relationships not only in a picturesque, but also in platonic manners. Meaning friendships will start manifesting their way into your life as well. This transit is also not specifically for new relationships but also old relationships, so this may be a good opportunity to message that old friend or crush you’ve been thinking about reaching out to. For this period, your confidence, communication and good luck will be extremely high, especially with people you are compatible with, so if you’re thinking about asking someone to homecoming, now would be the right time to do it. 


Even though this time will be entertaining for all of us, it is also important to know how it will affect you personally, so I would recommend that you find your astrological big 3 to pinpoint exactly how to prepare yourself.


Your Astrological chart will give you predictions on your present and future, based on where each planet was on the exact second you were born. Each planet represents a placement in what is called a “12 house system”, and each placement has a completely different effect on our lives.  The most important factor in the birth chart is the big three which are the sun, moon, and rising. The sun in each chart will represent our egos and how we see ourselves. Our moon is how we react to situations using emotions, so it is usually the overall decision-maker. And finally the Ascendant, also known as the rising, is how our personalities are seen at first introduction. The big 3 is a prominent contributor to each transit because it helps us know what sign(s) will be affected the most. 


You can prepare for this time by manifesting using affirmations, crystals more specifically rose quartz, amethyst, and carnelian, or if you can even have a tarot reading. A tarot reading is a form of divination where you use a set of cards to further explain the past, present, and future. When asking certain questions the cards will show a basic outline for how to solve a problem using intuition. But most importantly, relaxing your mind and taking in as much positive energy as you can help you most during this year’s Venus/Libra transit.