The Controversial Super Bowl Halftime Show feat. The Weeknd

Isabella Galvez, Editor-in-Chief

This year’s Super Bowl sparked many hot topics, from the Chiefs’ loss to memorable commercials.  The halftime performance is what stuck with most people, with R&B singer. The Weeknd as this year’s guest singer. COVID-19 has created changes and restrictions to accommodate for such a high volume of attendees, making this super bowl a new experience for everyone.  


The 14-minute show took place at Raymond James Stadium, starting off his show accompanied by a choir.   Fans debated how well-executed the performance was, and while expectations were high, what was able to get done was still appreciated.  Katelyn Tran, 10, talked about what she thought of the performance.  


“I enjoyed the performance. The Weeknd is an amazing artist and I loved the sets,” Tran said. “The dancers and choir were great and Abel looks so happy when performing.”


The pandemic played a huge role in the show, but watchers disagree if the performance was satisfactory enough despite the circumstances.   Leobardo Tranquillino, 10, shares his opinion on the event.  


“Well the performance can’t really compare to others due to the fact that we are living in a pandemic and it was slightly different compared to those we have previously seen,” Tranquillino said. “But although we didn’t have that spice that we are used to seeing I think it was a unique experience knowing that we got to see a quality artist in these rough times.”


There is already speculation on who will perform for Super Bowl LVI, and whether or not the pandemic will still be around to continue large gathering restrictions.  Angelica Aragon, 10, gives her thoughts for what’s in store for 2022.  


“I hope things can settle down by next year so fans can have the full experience we’re used to,” Aragon said.  “Having a Super Bowl gathering is like a tradition for my family, so not being able to do that this year just makes me more excited for next year.”


If there is one thing watchers will not forget, it is the pandemic that altered how people gather in social settings, and how those alterations brought new experiences for everyone around the world.