Ed Sheeran Gets Engaged

Ysabelle Canilao, Photographer

Ed Sheeran recently got engaged just before the new year to his childhood friend Cherry Seaborn. The two began dating in 2015. They both met up at Swift’s fourth of July party, rekindling their friendship.


Angelina Lamas, a junior, heard about the news from her mother the day it happened, not keeping up with the artist but keeping up with his music.


Lamas has been listening to his music for almost two years, loving his songs and describing him as the ‘certain type of real life situation that someone can relate to.’


“I think “Perfect” is about her because he’s describing the perfect woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with,” Lamas said. “That’s exactly what he’s about to do.”


Jacqueline Salas, 12, has been listening to Sheeran’s music since 2014. She found out from a friend shortly after the engagement was announced, and supports him all the way.


Salas now listens to his music all the time, some of her favorites consist of “Firefly”, “I See Fire” and “Little Bird”. She fell in love with his music video, “Lego House”, which features Rupert Grint, one of her favorite actors.


“I keep up with his music but not his social or dating life. I knew he had someone, I don’t have Instagram so I didn’t see it,” Salas said. “I love how he’s just the definition of what an artist should be. He gets all the amazing vocal ranges. It’s crazy how talented he is.”


Sophomore Jenna Meza was ecstatic when she heard the news of her favorite artist getting engaged. She has been listening to his music for 4 years, and loves the meaningfulness and thought that goes into his songs.


Meza believe that the majority of his songs are about his lover, and describes his songs are able to ‘feel the emotion’ he portrays in his music.


“I heard about the engagement like a week ago,” Meza said. “The fact he found someone he can love that much makes me so happy, and I specifically think “Perfect” is about her.”


Sheeran started talking to her again in high school. Ed Sheeran’s latest album “Divide” came out last year, with songs hinting his love life with Cherry Seaborn. They spent a year travelling around the world, and got back to London where Seaborn planned to move in with Sheeran.