Hogwarts Legacy Game Review

Brielle Madrigal, Writer

The magic of the Harry Potter franchise is brought to life in the breathtaking new game that die-hard fans are sure to love. Hogwarts Legacy is an action-roleplaying game that takes place in the late 1800s, a century before Harry Potter and his crew christened the Hogwarts corridors.  Hogwarts Legacy allows you to create your own customizable character and it also gives you the ability to choose your own Hogwarts House. The game allows you to explore Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, and other places in extreme detail. 

Your character gets to experience life at Hogwarts, attending classes and learning a variety of spells, recipes, and how to ride a broom. Not only is it very immersive and incredibly impressive to explore, but the storyline aspect of the game is also invigorating. Your character is able to form relationships with other characters and the decisions you make in the game affect the storyline, making your story uniquely your own. 

In order to advance the storyline, you must complete quests that are assigned to you by faculty, classmates, etc. I think it’s nice that you’re given the option to adjust the difficulty level of the game. For example, if you really just wanted to focus on the actual plot of the game, you could play in story mode. Personally, I play in normal mode and still find the gameplay somewhat challenging. 

Another aspect of the game that I really enjoyed was the option to study the Dark Arts. I like the concept of being able to choose your own path and become an evil wizard. The ending of the game appears to be set up for a sequel, so I’m really excited to explore the Dark Arts even further. 

My only suggestion for future projects regarding the game is to include a romance option. Although it does not necessarily add to the story aspect, I think it would still be really fun. I can Sebastian Sallow, a Slytherin boy who aids us in our journey, as a potential love interest for our character. He already makes sly comments that can be interpreted as sort of flirty. 

In conclusion, I highly recommend this game for anyone and every one; not just Harry Potter fans. Hogwarts Legacy is not only visually breathtaking, but it has an interesting storyline filled with incredible gameplay options. It’s honestly such a good escape from everyday life, transporting you to a magical world far from any worldly troubles.